2006 All-America Selections

'Zowie! Yellow Flame' Zinnia'Zowie! Yellow Flame' Zinnia
'Zowie! Yellow Flame' (Zinnia elegans) is the first semi-tall bicolor zinnia, sporting a uniquely fiery design that flames from a scarlet-rose center to yellow petal edges. It blooms from early summer until frost, is easily grown from seed, reaches 29 inches tall and 27 inches wide, tolerates heat and drought, and is excellent in the garden or in containers. 'Zowie!' is also a superb cut flower, with blooms lasting as long as two weeks in water.
'Perfume Deep Purple' Nicotiana'Perfume Deep Purple' Nicotiana
This beautiful Nicotiana (Nicotiana x sandarae) features rich, lavish purple, 2-inch-wide star-shaped flowers and a strong fragrance it releases in the evenings. Easily grown, it requires only water and fertile soil to bloom profusely all summer. It blossoms in 9 weeks from seed and grows to 20 inches tall and 18 inches wide.
'Skippy XL Red-Gold' Viola'Skippy XL Red-Gold' Viola
The new 'Skippy XL Red-Gold' variety of Viola cornuta features a truly unique combination of colors: ruby red flowers with a violet-red shading below a "bewhiskered" golden yellow face. Bloom is continuous and performance is excellentin the garden or in windowboxes and containers. The plant grows 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide and flowers in 10 weeks from seed.
'Evolution' Salvia'Evolution' Salvia
The eyecatching new 'Evolution' Salvia is the first Salvia farinacea with lilac-color flower spikes, expanding the color choices for "blue" annuals. The plant grows to 20 inches tall and 16 inches wide with 7-inch-long flower spikes and provides continuous color throughout the season. It does well in containers and the flower spikes can be cut and dried to use as everlastings. It blooms from seed in 100 days and is perennial in frost-free climates.
'Supra Purple' Dianthus'Supra Purple' Dianthus
We think the color in this photograph may be misleading, but it's the only photo AAS has released. In any event, the 'Supra Purple' Dianthus (Dianthus interspecific) is described as being "rosy-purple," rather than pink. This remarkable plant has single, 1-1/2-inch- wide flowers with highly fringed petal edges. It provides color all season long, is highly heat-tolerant, and may be perennial in some climates. It grows to 12 inches high and 10 inches wide and flowers 12 weeks from seed.
'Diamonte Coral Rose' Diascia'Diamonte Coral Rose' Diascia
'Diamonte Coral Rose' (Diascia intergerimma) is an improved variety of Diascia, a South African native plant relatively unknown five years ago. It features a profusion of exquisite inch-wide five-lobed tubular flowers with backward-pointing spurs. A frost-tolerant annual, the plant grows to 10 inches high and spreads to 18 inches wide. It's ideal for containers, where if planted near the edge it will cascade. It blooms over a long season, thriving in both heat and cooler temperatures.
'Black Pearl' Ornamental Pepper'Black Pearl' Ornamental Pepper
The 'Black Pearl' Ornamental Pepper (Capsicum annuum) is the first-ever black-leaved ornamental pepper. Black foliage and clusters of black, shiny pearl-like peppers make it a centerpiece in the garden or containers. It grows to 20 inches tall and 19 inches wide and develops an attractive pyramidal shape. The plant is exceptionally heat-tolerant and disease-resistant. (Caution: The peppers, which turn red with maturity, are edible but extremely hot.)
'Purple Haze' Carrot'Purple Haze' Carrot
The new 'Purple Haze' Carrot (Daucus carota L.) is a winner on every front. When cut, the slices feature a halo of purple with a bright orange center, making it a lovely addition to salads or slaws. Its flavor is sweet and delicious. The carrot is easy to grow from seed in loose soil with excellent drainage and shows the strongest color when soil temperature is 59-68 degrees fahrenheit. It's also an excellent plant for growing in patio containers.
'Carmen' Pepper'Carmen' Pepper
It looks fiery hot, but the new 'Carmen' Pepper (Capsicum annuum) is actually an improved sweet pepper of the "Italian bull's-horn type," so called for its elongated shape. This pepper is sweet even when immature or green, but sweetest when it is ripe red. The plant is highly adaptable, setting fruit over a wide temperature range. It grows upright to 30 inches tall and 16 inches wide and does beautifully  in containers, where it is especially attractive when mixed with trailing annuals that can spill over the edge.
'Mariachi' Pepper'Mariachi' Pepper
The 'Mariachi' Pepper (Capsicum annuum) is named after the Mexican regional musical band that became popular in Jalisco, Mexico, in the mid-1800's. More to the point, it's a unique plant that produces high quality, mild chile peppers whose flavor at maturity is both delicate and complex, with fruity undertones reminiscent of melons. The peppers ripen from creamy white to rose, then red. f grown in stressful conditions, such as extremely hot weather or overly dry soil, the peppers may become much hotter. 'Mariachi' chiles can be used in salsas and many dishes either raw or cooked, and are especially flavorful when roasted whole. They are about 4 inches long by 2 inches wide. The plant grows as an upright bush and spreads to about 20 inches wide. 
'Delfino' Cilantro'Delfino' Cilantro
'Delfino' Cilantro ( Coriandrum sativum) is an aromatic, edible herb, and unlike other Corianders has unique, fine fern-like foliage. The flavor resembles a strong parsley taste with citrus and is perfect for any recipe requiring finely chopped leaves. Foliage can be kept fresh in a glass of water for as long as a week, if the water is changed often. The small white blooms of the plant have the same taste and are a good addition to salads. The seed, of course, is the spice coriander. PIcturesque in the garden, the plant grows to about 20 inches high. 

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