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Trees & LightsTrees & Lights
They do like Christmas trees at Wickman's. This photo is actually from 2005. We just thought you might like it.
All Kinds of GoodiesAll Kinds of Goodies
This year it's a corner chockful of ducks, rabbits, pots, plants, lamps, butterflies, stars, and much, much more, all around the Christmas Tree.
Redder Than RedRedder Than Red
It may be well be that 'Orion Red' is the reddest of the poinsettias. In any event, it's a vigorous grower, grows in a nice, compact shape, and is terrifically popular as a holiday decoration.
A Muted RedA Muted Red
We think this poinsettia might be "Novia Red" or "Mars Red." Varietal differences are important to growers but not so much to ordinary folk, who normally buy for the eye.  
A FavoriteA Favorite
This remarkable poinsettia is Monet Twilight, a favorite of many, and please include us. We love it and we also like that its coloring is often described as "cream with raspberry flecks."
With our flash, the uppermost flowers of the light poinsettia are a bit washed out, but the smaller leaves of cream with the pink blush show the true colors of the variety called Puebla. We know, the "flowers" aren't really flowers, they're bracts, modified leaves that encircle the true flowers. In poinsettias, the true flowers are eensy-bitsy, you might say.
We'd never seen a large poinsettia with a prettier shape or neater blossoms that this one. We think it's 'Orion Red' and love the way it's overflowing its container. 
A Winter RoseA Winter Rose
It's said about this unique poinsettia that people either love it or hate it. To be sure, it's anything but traditional. Its bracts are curved inward and more globular than flat, like other poinsettias. Their rose-like character accounts for the variety name--Winter Rose.
White BloomsWhite Blooms
In the poinsettia world, it gets no whiter than the Whitestar.
A Burgundy PoinsettiaA Burgundy Poinsettia
Among the more unusual new poinsettia hybrids is this prize with burgundy colors. It's name? "Cortez Burgundy."
A JesterA Jester
Poinsettias with pink and white marbeling always have "Marble" in the variety name. This one is Jester Marble. Interesting, no?
Silverstar MarbleSilverstar Marble
Silverstar Marble is another pink 'n white beauty, with creamy-edged pink leaves and variegated foliage.
A Green Poinsettia?A Green Poinsettia?
We're not sure what causes it, but the bracts of this poinsettia are a very pale green. There is a green variety called "Limelight," but this isn't it. We understand that some poinsettias go through a green phase while growing. In any event, we like it.   
Christmas Cactuses, er, CactiChristmas Cactuses, er, Cacti
Wow. Look at these. Have you ever? Christmas cacti have so many botanical names we won't get into it, but we can tell you that they're members of the Zygocactus family and are really epiphytes, plants that in their native habitat grow on other plants but are not parasitic. They do so well in containers (if given sufficient water and protected from drafts) that they're sometimes passed down from generation to generation. So much for that. What really matters is that modern hybridizers are, as you can see, producing breathtaking colors.
Something SpecialSomething Special
We've no idea of the varietal name for this prize. We just loved its subtle blend of pale pink, white, and salmon.
Orchids, TooOrchids, Too
Wickman's also grows some gorgeous orchids. 
Just as we were leaving Wickman's greenhouse, we noticed this remarkable little planting of cyclamen. A nice touch, no?
A Tree With a StoryA Tree With a Story
The Christmas trees Wickman's Garden Village sells each Christmas are Fraser's Firs (A. Fraseri), according to manager Nikki Petitt. Fraser's Firs are considered outstanding choices for Christmas trees by virtue of an exceptional fragrance, neat and attractive appearance, and the fact that they keep their soft needles longer than other conifers. Note: The Fraser's Fir native range in the southern Appalachian Mountains is so limited that their native survival is  gravely threatened by a combination of acid rain and the Wooly Adelgid sucking insect. Ironically, the tree's commercial farming to provide Christmas and landscape trees very well may save it from extinction.  
barreltrain girlbarreltrain girl
The time-honored, traditional poinsettia.

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