2007 All-America Selections

'Pacifica Burgundy Halo' in the Landscape'Pacifica Burgundy Halo' in the Landscape
This mass planting of 'Pacifica Burgunday Halo' Vinca shows how it really takes command in the landscape. It's a matter of taste, of course, but we think the flowers are so vivid that we'd prefer them in smaller spot plantings and that they would be absolutely superb in containers.  
'Fresh Look Gold' in the Garden'Fresh Look Gold' in the Garden
Viewed from any angle, 'Fresh Look Gold' Celosia is appealing in the garden. 
'Pacifica Burgundy Halo'  Vinca'Pacifica Burgundy Halo' Vinca
'Pacifica Burgundy Halo' Vinca features a burgundy halo and white center. Heat- and drought- tolerant, it's good for spring and summer plantings and eyecatchingt in the garden or in containers. (Its low moisture needs mean fewer trips to water.) It grows a foot tall and as wide for season-long color and no need for pinching or other maintenance. A clear winner.
'Opera Supreme Pink Morn'  Petunia'Opera Supreme Pink Morn' Petunia
The iridescent pink blooms of 'Opera Supreme Pink Morn' petunia are most striking--because, says AAS, "a silvery shine causes the blooms to shimmer." The flowers are 2-1/2 inches wide and pink with a white center and yellow throat. (The three colors make it a "morn" variety.) The plant grows 4-6-inches high and 3 feet long. As a trailing petunia, it's excellent in containers or hanging baskets and also thrives in the garden, where, says AAS, it actually chokes out weeds.
'Holy Molé'  Pepper'Holy Molé' Pepper
'Holy Molé' is the first hybrid version of a pasilla pepper, the pepper type used to make the famed Mexican molé sauces. The plant grows to 3 feet tall with immature peppers 7-9 inches long that can be harvested about 85 days from transplanting/ The peppers have a nutty, tangy flavor and if left on the plant will mature to an attractive dark chocolate color. In trials, this pepper showed improved vigor, "earliness," and a considerably higher yield attributed to its resistance to two stunting viruses. It thrives in the heat and also makes a striking container plant.
'Fresh Look Gold' Celosia'Fresh Look Gold' Celosia
'Fresh Look Gold' is a celosia that looks as fresh in September as when planted in spring, says All-America Selections. This annual features bright golden plumes with a soft, layered texture that keep their color all season without browning, eliminating the need to deadhead. the plant grows to a height of 1 foot, is pest-resistant, and tolerates heat and humidity. AAS considers it one of the best annuals for season-long performance.

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