2005 All-America Selections

'Fairy Tale' Eggplant'Fairy Tale' Eggplant
This new, petite, 2-1/2-foot tall plant bears decorative miniature white-and-purple eggplants said to be sweet, luscious, and non-bitter with tender skin and few seeds. The plant also stands out for being the first eggplant to win an All-America Selections award since 1939.
'Arizona Sun' Gaillardia'Arizona Sun' Gaillardia
This 'Arizona Sun' variety of blanketflower, or Gaillardia aristata, has 3-inch single mahogany flowers with bright yellow petal edges. The plant is compact, reaching 8-10 inches tall and 10-12 inches wide, even when grown in full sun. It may overwinter in some zones, if winters are not harsh. Good for cut flowers and may attract butterflies.
'Bonbon' Winter Squash'Bonbon' Winter Squash
This new variety of winter squash, or Curcurbita maxima, uses less garden space, its vines spreading to about 8 feet. The box-shaped fruit have thick orange flesh, weigh about 4 pounds, and get their name from their delicious sweet flavor when cooked. Easy to grow and not highly susceptible to disease.
'Sugary' Tomato'Sugary' Tomato
This new "cherry-type" tomato variety gets its name from its exceptional sweetness. The fruit are oval, abundant, and borne in clusters. Plants are vigorous and may require pruning to keep under control. They bear within 60 days of transplanting. Judges say that this plant should set a new standard for sweet cherry-size tomatoes.
'First Kiss Blueberry' Vinca'First Kiss Blueberry' Vinca
This new variety is said to be the first blue-flowered vinca, or Catharanthus rosea. The plant can reach 11 inches tall and 16 inches wide, with 2-inch blue violet flowers that have a darker eye. Easy to grow, the plant is also heat and drought tolerant. A good container plant as well.
'Magellan Coral' Zinnia'Magellan Coral' Zinnia
This new variety of Zinnia elegans sports fully double, dahlia-like blossoms 5-6 inches wide and so brilliant in their coral color that they're said to be "radiantly luminous" in the garden. The plant produces flowers in only 6-9 weeks from seed. Plants can reach 17 inches tall and 19 inches wide. Easy to grow, it does best in full sun.

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