2007 NGB Varieties

'Xtreme Utopia Mix' Impatiens'Xtreme Utopia Mix' Impatiens
The National Garden Bureau calls these hybrids of Impatiens wallerana "A gorgeous designer mix of lavender, rose, salmon and violet!" Generous 1.5-inch flowers cover these compact annual plants all season. They grow 8-10 inches tall and are superb for beds or containers in part sun or shade.
'Go Go Light Yellow' Begonia'Go Go Light Yellow' Begonia
Brilliant, extra-big, bright light-yellow blooms just have make the 'Go Go Light Yellow' Begonia (Begonia tuberosa) an extra-cheery note wherever it resides--beds, borders, or pots. The flowers are 3 inches wide with a subtle rose accent and the plant grows 14-16 inches tall.
'Prairie Splendor' Coneflower'Prairie Splendor' Coneflower
Most Ozarks folks love the native Coneflower and its hybrids, and 'Prairie Splendor' Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is a real winner for its abundance of lavender flowers 2-3 inches wide on fully branched, shorter stems just 18-22 inches long. Give this beautiful perennial plant plenty of sun, and you're a winner, too.
'Maverick Scarlet Eye' Geranium'Maverick Scarlet Eye' Geranium
'Maverick Scarlet Eye' Geranium (Pelargonium x hortorum) is a robust, heat-loving geranium that should love our Ozarks summers. Its extra-large, 5-inch blooms are a gorgeous fading to white eyes. The foliage is deep green and that plant grows 14-16 inches tall. In mass plantings or in containers, it's a winner.
'Chinese Foxglove' Rehmannia'Chinese Foxglove' Rehmannia
'Chinese Foxglove' Rehmannia (Rehmannia angulata) is a perennial herb that bears bell-like (and foxglove-like), rose-colored blossoms 2-3 inches wide. Long-lasting and a prolific bloomer in sunny, sheltered gardens, the plant grows 2-3 feet tall.  
'Prairie Glow' Rudbeckia'Prairie Glow' Rudbeckia
"Spectacular" is the word for the new 'Prairie Glow' Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia triloba 'Prairie Glow'). In full sun, it grows to 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide with a profusion of 2 1/2-inch-wide ray flowers in burgundy and gold, borne atop garnet-colored stems. This perennial, a real garden centerpiece, should do beautifully in sunnyOzarks gardens.
'Garda Hocus Pocus' Ornamental Pepper'Garda Hocus Pocus' Ornamental Pepper
'Dreadlocks' Amaranthus'Dreadlocks' Amaranthus
How's this for some real fun in the garden? It's 'Dreadlocks' Amaranthus, a new variety of Amaranthus caudatus tjat features dangling, deep maroon flower clusters 2-3 feet long that look like, well, dreadlocks. This  remarkable plant grows to four feet tall and is said to be nothing less than fabulous in the back of a sunny border.
'Live Wire' Isolepis'Live Wire' Isolepis
'Nature Plum Purple' Pansy'Nature Plum Purple' Pansy
'Sugar & Spice Formula Mix' Stock'Sugar & Spice Formula Mix' Stock
'Elation Crimson' Dianthus'Elation Crimson' Dianthus
'Astary Mix' Astilbe'Astary Mix' Astilbe
'Cobra Mix' Vinca'Cobra Mix' Vinca
'Infiniti Scarlet' Geranium'Infiniti Scarlet' Geranium
'Infiniti Scarlet' Geranium is a great way to get brilliant garden color early in the season. An exceptionally early bloomer, it produces 5-inch flowers as soon as 85 days from seed. It's a sunloving annual, grows to 12 inches tall, and is heat, wind, and rain tolerant.
'Zesty Pink' Zinnia'Zesty Pink' Zinnia
'Noverna Clown' Dianthus'Noverna Clown' Dianthus
A new beauty with an old-fashioned look is 'Noverna Clown' Dianthus (Dianthus barbatus). This sun-loving, heat- and frost-tolerant annual features fragrant clusters of half-inch flowers that--are you ready for this?--open white then create marvelous color patterns by changing to hues of pink, purple or salmon. (We don't know about you, but we have to see this one in our garden.) 
'Divine Pink' Dianthus'Divine Pink' Dianthus
'Easy Wave Beachcomber Mix' Petunia'Easy Wave Beachcomber Mix' Petunia
'Avalanche Beachcomber Mix' Petunia'Avalanche Beachcomber Mix' Petunia
'Queen of Sheba' Basil'Queen of Sheba' Basil
'Queen of Sheba' Basil (Ocimum basilicum 'Queen of Sheba') is a highly decorative, long-blooming basil with very dark lavendar blossoms 3--4 inches long. The foliage is bright green and the plant grows to 16-18 inches tall and thrives in full-sun summer landscapes and containers. The leaves have a mild flavor in cooking and salads.

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