2006 All-America Roses

'Julia Child''Julia Child'
Personally selected by Julia Child to carry her name, this remarkable floribunda rose combines old-fashioned style, delicious licorice-spice fragrance, and warm butter-gold color. The flowers are very full to 3-1/2 inches wide. The medium-low-growing plant is very rounded and bushy with an abundance of bright green, lustrous foliage so glossy it mirrors the blooms. Disease resistance is excellent.
'Rainbow Sorbet''Rainbow Sorbet'
A floribunda rose, 'Rainbow Sorbet' is as delicious to behold as its name suggests. The flowers are mixed shades of bright yellow, orange, and red, finishing in subtle yellows and pinks. They and to 3-1/2 inches wide and have 15-18 petals. The plant can reach 5 feet tall and has dark green, glossy foliage. Disease resistance is above average, especially to black spot. The flowers have no noticeable fragrance.
'Wild Blue Yonder''Wild Blue Yonder'
'Wild Blue Yonder' features ruffled, wavy flowers up to 4-1/2 inches in diameter in a breathtaking color the Rose Society describes as velvety, warm wine purple layered onto rich lavender. The scent is citrus blossom and rose. This grandiflora rose has excellent disease resistance and grows medium-tall, upright and bushy with glossy, deep-green foliage and medium-long stems. A clear winner.
'Tahitian Sunset''Tahitian Sunset'
The blossoms of this unique hybrid tea rose open with high-centered apricot buds that turn increasingly pink as they unfurl from a strong yellow base, yielding a subtle blend of colors. The blooms of 'Tahitian Sunset' are up to 5 inches wide with a strong anise fragrance. The plant is high-centered, upright, stately, and well-branched with dark-green foliage. It grows to 5 feet tall.

Because the Ozarks are home to so many rose-lovers, we're including here
the All-America Rose Selections of 2005. This rose is 'Elle', a vigorous, ever-blooming hybrid tea rose that produces shell-pink flowers with deep yellow undertones and a strong spicy, citrus-like fragrance. The flowers are 4-5-inches wide, have 50-55 petals and grow on 10-14-inch stems. The plant is compact and bushy with dark green glossy foliage.
'About Face''About Face'
'About Face' is a grandiflora rose with deep golden yellow on the inside of its petals and dark bronzy orange-red on the backside of the petals. The full, old-fashioned-appearing flowers are up to 5 inches wide, have 30-35 petals each, and bear a mild fresh apple scent. The plant is described as "super-vigorous," tall, upright, and bushy with lush green leaves. Disease resistance is rated excellent.
'Lady Elsie May''Lady Elsie May'
'Lady Elsie May' is an upright, spreading shrub rose with brilliant coral pink flowers that grow in clusters on 12-20-inch stems. The flowers are 3-4-inches wide with 12-14 petals and a slight fragrance. The plant is vigorous with dark green foliage and spreads uniformly, which should make it a fine landscape rose.
'DayDream' is an extraordinary low-growing, compact landscape rose that reaches just 2 inches in height and bears massive clusters of inch-wide fuchsia-pink blooms all summer long. The plant has a neat, rounded habit, glossy green foliage, and is highly disease resistant. Its diminutive size and habit make it versatile in many garden situations.

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